Labyrint slot canyon lake powell

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Jun 06, 2016

@Cocobru - Labyrinth Canyon on Lake Powell is about 25 miles up the lake from the marinas near Page. So you are looking at a 50 mile round trip. I don't know about you. But I couldn't do that as a day trip, or even want to. Then there's the simple issue of even being able to find Labyrinth Canyon on your own. From across Labyrinth Bay we could see a small looking slot canyon that we believed to be the entrance. We paddled hard towards the slot canyon and were excited to find our kayaks to just fit. The walls stretched up all around us and looked super cool! Unfortunately, after a few paddles in we found the slot canyon was a dead end. In 2010, she turned her love into a new career at Lake Powell; today, she’s the Boat Rentals Manager for Northlake at Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas. Jim Knapp - Jim Knapp first moved to Lake Powell more than 25 years ago; today, he’s the Director of Boat Rental Maintenance for Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas. A factory-certified mechanic for Wetherill Canyon has perhaps the longest, tightest kayakable slot on the lake, extending about two miles past the point where boats must stop. In many places the slot is just 3-4 feet wide so tight you have to work the paddles vertically up against the side of the kayak, you cant extend them out into the water as you do in a normal paddle stroke.

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Amazing Swim + Hike through the best slot canyon without the crowds. This hike is a perfect day activity from boating/houseboating/camping Lake Powell. We were houseboating by Gunsight/Cookie Jar Buttes and boated across the bay to Labyrinth Bay. We jumped out when the canyon became too narrow for the ski boat and swam the slot canyon.

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Labyrinth Canyon (North East of Wahweap Marina) Located on Padre Bay, Labyrinth Canyon takes a winding path to the south. The bottom slot is sandy and both sides of the canyon can be touched when you extend your arms. The canyon narrows toward the end, culminating in a beautiful sandy beach that’s perfect for swimming.

The slot canyon sits at the end of Labyrinth Canyon, whose entrance is located at mile 16 near Padre Bay of Lake Powell, so you'll need some sort of small watercraft like a kayak or stand up paddleboard to navigate up the narrow canyon.

15 Aug 1997 and entered a stony labyrinth known as Lower Antelope Canyon. Canyon, where it empties six miles downstream into Lake Powell, the 

Labyrinth Slot Canyon Lake Powell A slot is something you spin for hours, so find a machine you don’t get tired of. Furthermore, great slots have many bonus features paying out big sums of money. You’re bound to agree – catching a slot after an hour and getting nothing from it is just disappointing. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area charges a fee to enter. Fees are $30 per vehicle/vessel or $25 per motorcycle. If you are entering on foot or bike the fee is $15 per person. You can also purchase a park specific annual pass for $55. Please note: This is a paddling route through Labyrinth Canyon on the lower Green River. Jan 23, 2019 · However, if you would like to explore a similar pink sandstone slot canyon without the crowds and paid guided tour, just rent a kayak and head to the Labyrinth Slot Canyon at Lake Powell. Here you will likely have the slot canyon to yourself and maybe a handful of other explorers.